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An Open Analytics Network Powered by Drone Imagery.

Flyingcarpet provides businesses with drone-based visual data services. Developers and drone owners are incentivised to participate in the network by helping to provide data analytics to businesses.


Meet Flyingcarpet

Flyingcarpet is a decentralized network of visual data services. Developers create service algorithms to extract analytics and drone owners provide hardware to the network. Together, these incentivised participants make up a complete self-sustaining ecosystem of data collection, extraction and consumption.

  • The problem
  • Our solution
  • More and more data is being generated, particularly in the world of IoT, but without analytics we can’t understand what this information means and what to do about it. When extracting the value from such data, incentives for developers and drone services companies are not aligned. The companies look for centralised ownership of data so developers don’t capture the full value from their work, and innovation struggles as a consequence.

    By utilising the power of the blockchain, Flyingcarpet enables an entire community of developers to build analytics services, creating results for businesses that are substantially more valuable. By providing for the Network, developers capture the full value they create. Furthermore, a participant could be a man with a retail drone or a global hardware manufacturer, the barriers to entry are equal.


    Counting Coconuts

    Namaliu, a farmer in Papua New Guinea, has a problem. He loses days walking up and down his coconut plantation with a clipboard and a pen, manually counting his yield and inspecting his trees.

    Now, using Flyingcarpet, Namaliu simple deploys a coconut analysis service and a drone comes, inspects his plantation, and the insights are returned directly to his phone. Now he can track theft and monitor yield much more effectively.

    Digitising Infrastructure

    Infrastructure projects are incredibly costly, involve several different groups and can be dangerous for the feet on the ground (or off it!). By incentivising developers to build service algorithms for this industry, infrastructure companies will find themselves with richer data analytics, at a better cost.

    Setting Insurance on Fire

    In the insurance game claims can take years to be paid, this payment is based on historical, generic data and the brokers often take 25% from the value of the underwriters and customers.

    With a catastrophe, we see autonomous drones scanning high risk areas before and after an event and using this rich data to automate the claims process. Due to decentralisation, insurers and customers operate within a commissionless protocol, so both sides win.

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      Data gathering on demand

      Businesses or individuals can find and deploy data gathering tasks directly on our marketplace. Instantly accessing vetted, safe, and secure algorithms ready for use.

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      Safety First

      Developers can build out custom machine learning algorithms and test the code securely and safely with the Virtual Artificial Intelligence Engine (VAIE).

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      Earn in your sleep

      Our charging and docking stations use renewable energy to wirelessly charge drones. Plug in a charging station and you’ll be paid tokens.


    • Leopold Joy
    • Julien Bouteloup
    • Victor Faramond
    • Savannah Lee
    • Samantha Yap
    • Evan Shay
    • Satya Doraisaamy
    • Dan Roberts
    • Max Polwin
    • Q3 Testnet

      Testnet platform launch. Along with tech partners, launching our tesnet to showcase simple deployment of services.

    • Q3 - ‘Small’ Partnership

      Small partnership launch: Announcing key strategic partnerships to expand our use-cases for B2B operations.

    • Q4 - VAIE

      VAIE deployed: Continuing our product roll-out, adding service validation via Virtual AI Engine.

    • Q4 - Mainnet

      Fully operational services network with AI monitored deployment.

    • ‘19 - ‘Large’ Partnership

      ‘Large’ Partnership launch: Announcing our main industry partner for the UK to bring scale in this market.

    • '19 - Data Exchange

      Data Exchange: A secondary data exchange through FC, with integration to external data exchange partners.

    • '19 - Blockchainstars expansion

      Continuing our consultancy and development work with projects in this space.

    • '20 - Autonomous Network for all

      Launching Village 2.0 globally giving access to the network for everyone.

    • Q3 Testnet

      Testnet platform launch.

    • Q3 Launch

      Small partnership launch:.

    • Q4 VAIE

      VAIE deployed.

    • Q4 Mainnet

      Fully operational services.


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